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Together we make Dutch brands thrive.


Established in Munich in 2020 by co-founders Barbara Kerscher and

Claire Baeten-Ophuis, BC CONCEPTS is a cross cultural marketing & communications company specialized in Dutch to German market entry & growth.


Focusing on Dutch lifestyle, interior and fashion brands, BC CONCEPTS thrives on the synergy between Barbara's German roots and Claire's Dutch background.


Being bilingual and possessing a deep understanding of both cultures set us apart and grants us a unique perspective. Together with our forward-thinking attitude, our proactive approach, and the creation of impactful and multi-channel marketing and communication initiatives we make your brand thrive in the German market.

BC CONCEPTS is more than a PR & Marketing agency, we are your sparring partner and your trusted colleagues in the German market.

With over a decade of shared marketing expertise, we've built a strong and profound network spanning media, stylists, celebrities, opinion formers, and digital creators across print, online, and social media.


Together with our team of native Germans we are going beyond traditional agency roles becoming an integral part of your brand fostering authentic, personal and lasting relationships.


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